The Banking Academy’s List of Leading Practitioners

The List of Leading Practitioners (LLP) is a programme designed by The Banking Academy to identify, recognise and track the careers of the men and women who are shaping the financial services industry in their respective markets around the world. These include practitioners in local as well as regional and global fronts whose work or influence are relevant to their immediate communities, or in the case of some, industry-wide.

This recognition programme is based on several important considerations. Firstly, we look for those who have the respect of their peers in their immediate communities because they are able to recount actual projects completed and goals achieved in the recent past. Secondly, we look for those who have been visible through their opinions and insights being captured in industry news. Thirdly, we look for those whose achievements are contributing towards emerging best practices shaping the industry as a whole. 

We do all the above also by organising regular forums, cocktails and dinners around the world where our LLP members get to interact with each other and exchange views that are captured and disseminated widely to the rest of the industry through our various research and publication platforms, and also on social media. We also refresh the list every year to ensure that we are recognising new people breaking yet new frontiers, as well as reviewing the continued development of the incumbents in this list. The list reflects the ever-changing nature of the industry’s landscape.

We hope that this programme will capture the continuously evolving body of knowledge in the finance industry but by putting a name and a face to the people who bring it to life. We welcome feedback on the development of this programme. Please do send your comments to the project editor of The List of Leading Practitioner Programme, who is doing an amazing job bringing all this together.

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