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Mr. Vikran Paovarojkit (Regional Heads)
Chief Risk Officer, TMBThanachart Bank

Over the past five years, Mr. Vikran Paovarojkit has held pivotal roles in the finance sector, showcasing his expertise and leadership capabilities. Since June 2023, he has served as the Chief Risk Officer at TMBThanachart Bank Plc., where he oversees risk management strategies. From 2022 until May 2023, he assumed the role of Managing Director at Phahonyothin Asset Management Company Limited, where he directed operational and investment endeavors. His tenure as the Head of Special Advisory Banking Services at TMBThanachart Bank Plc. from 2019 to May 2023 demonstrated his proficiency in delivering tailored financial solutions. Prior to this, from 2018 to 2019, he led the Multi-Corporate Banking Customer Relationship Management and Investment Banking departments at TMB Bank Plc., illustrating his versatility in client relations and financial advisory services.

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