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Mr. Fransiscus Kaurrany
IT Executive Vice President/Chief Architect Officer, BCA

Since May 2020, I've assumed the role of Head of IT Architecture and Service Quality Group, reporting directly to the CIO. This position presents fresh challenges aimed at aiding the bank in meeting its business objectives through process and technology optimization. It involves comprehending the bank's current and potential future business processes and leveraging both existing and emerging technologies to enhance IT agility, delivering solutions promptly and with superior quality. With a fervent interest in Agile Transformation and Digital Optimization & Transformation, I focus on aligning business, bank operations, and technology by consistently refining elements of people, processes, and technologies. In my previous role, I led a sizable team of over 350 software engineers, overseeing a diverse range of technologies from traditional COBOL on Mainframe to modern Microservices on Cloud Platform. This experience provided insights into various banking processes, including branch operations, ATM, POS/EDC, internet and mobile banking, credit cards, and credit/loan processes across all segments. I strongly believe in nurturing talent as an investment, fostering a culture of learning and growth while embracing new frameworks, methodologies, and technologies to enhance productivity and user experience.

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