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Listed below is a full listing of all the professionals we believe are making a difference in the industry today. This list is in alphabetical order of their first name.

Ms. Voranuch Dejakaisaya
Executive Chairman,KBTG

Ms. Voranuch Dejakaisaya, aged 62, holds a Bachelo...

Mr. Henry Aguda
CEO and President,UnionDigital Bank

Before his tenure at UnionDigital Bank, Henry Agud...

Mr. Effendy Shahul Hamid
Chief Executive Officer, Group Consumer & Digital Banking,CIMB

As the Chief Executive Officer of Group Consumer &...

Ms. Ceridwen Choo

Ceridwen Choo, an experienced leader in global pay...

Mr. Rafe Haneef
Chief Executive Officer, Group Transaction Banking,CIMB

Rafe currently holds the position of Chief Executi...

Mr. Muzaffar Hisham
Group CEO, Global Banking,Maybank

Dato Muzaffar assumed the role of Group Chief Exec...

Mr. Novan Amirudin
Co CEO, Group Wholesale Banking,CIMB

Novan serves as the Co-Chief Executive Officer of ...

Mr. Datuk Fad'l Mohamed
Managing Director,RHB Bank

Datuk Fad'l Mohamed has been appointed as the ...

Mr. Dilshan Rodrigo
Deputy Chief Executive Officer,Union Bank of Colombo

Union Bank of has announced the appointment of Dil...

Mr. Sheperd Aisam
Country Managing Director,Access Bank Botswana

Access Bank Botswana named Sheperd Aisam Country M...

Mr. Ashok Vaswani
CEO and Managing Director ,Kotak Mahindra Bank

Ashok Vaswani has been appointed as the new CEO an...

Mr. Tommy Leung
Head of Global Private Banking,HSBC

Based in Singapore, Leung will report to Siew Meng...

Mr. Karl Franks
Chief Operating Officer,Hugosave

Before joining Hugosave, Karl was the Chief of Sta...

Akira Nishimura
Managing Director, Client Service & Marketing and Head,Heitman LLC

Akira Nishimura wi...

Vikram Singh

He joined Citi in 1999 and brings with him 24 year...

Mr. Jason Moo
CEO,Bank of Singapore

Mr Moo has more than 25 years of experience in pri...

Erwin Maspolim
Head of Southeast Asia - Representative Offices,ING

Erwin has over 25 years of experience in front off...

Pushkaraj (Push) Gumaste
Head of Corporate Banking,Barclays

Barclays today announce the appointment of Pu...

Nicolas Kopitsis
Head of Wealth Management,PineBridge investments

Based in Singapore, Mr. Kopitsis will focus on inc...

Mr. Emma Crabtree
Group Chief Commercial Officer,IQ-EQ

A leading figure in the industry with over 26 year...

Walter de Oude
Director ,Aviva Singlife Holdings

In announcing Walter’s new role, Aviva Singlife ...

Alex Hungate
COO ,Grab

Hungate will be reporting to Group CEO Anthony Tan...

Jason Tong
Executive Director,RBC Wealth Management

Jason is a senior banker who will serve the financ...

Paul Scott
Head of Global Payments,Citibank

Scott is responsible for the global processing ser...

Kwong Kwok Wing
Senior Vice President and Head of Financial Markets,Taipei Fubon Bank

Kwong is a veteran in financial market and has hel...

James Chen
President and Chief Executive Officer of Global Institutional Banking ,CTBC Bank

Chen serves as the President and Chief Executive O...

Renjie Li
President,China Industrial Bank
Jianping Gao
Chairman ,China Industrial Bank
Mingxian Li
President,China Guangfa Bank
Bing Wang
Chief Information Officer Infromation Technology Management Department,China Guangfa Bank
Huihui Li
CEO Retailing Finance,China Evergrowing Bank
Zhihong Lin
President,China Evergrowing Bank
Guohua Cai
Chairman ,China Evergrowing Bank
Jinliang Zhang
President,China Everbright Bank
Jizhong Chen
Chief Financial Officer Financial Department,China Development Bank
Wei Cao
Deputy General Manager Personal Deposit and Investment Department,China Construction Bank
Tiangui Lyu
President,China CITIC Bank
Liange Liu
President,The Export-import Bank of China
Xiaolian Hu
Chairman ,The Export-import Bank of China

December1984 – July 2004 Deputy Director General...

Huiman Yi
President,Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Mr. Yi has served as Vice Chairman and Executive D...

Dazhi Fan
President,Hua Xia Bank

Director, president and deputy party secretary, Ph...

Xiaochun Liu
President,China Zheshang Bank

Xiaochun LIU (刘晓春), undergraduate and senio...

Renkang Shen
Chairman ,China Zheshang Bank

Renkang SHEN (沈仁康), postgraduate, once serv...

Wanchun Zheng
President,China Minsheng Bank

Mr. Zheng is currently secretary of the Party Comm...

Qi Hong
Chairman ,China Minsheng Bank

Mr.Qi Hong is the Chairman of the Board of Direct...

Huiyu Tian
President,China Merchants Bank

Senior economist Mr. TIAN was appointed CMB's Exec...

Jianhong Li
Chairman ,China Merchants Bank

Mr.Jianhong Li , a senior economist with a MBA fro...

Jianyue Dong
Chairman ,China Guangfa Bank
Xianming Li
CEO,China Guangfa Bank

Mr. Morris Li, born in November 1956. Graduated fr...

Shuangning Tang
Chairman ,China Everbright Bank
Zhijie Zheng
President,China Development Bank

Mr.Zhijie Zheng was born in 1958. He is a CPC mem...

Zuji Wang
President,China Construction Bank

Mr. Zuji Wang has served as vice chairman, executi...

Hongzhang Wang
Chairman ,China Construction Bank

Mr.Hongzhang Wang , Chairman, Executive Director...

Qingping Li
President,China CITIC Bank

Ms.Qingping Li Chinese Nationality Executive direc...

Zhenming Chang
Chairman ,China CITIC Bank

Mr.Zhenming Chang Chinese Nationality Chairman...

Gang Fu
President,China Bohai Bank

Mr.Gang Fu, born in March 1959, is a senior econom...

Fuan Li
Chairman ,China Bohai Bank

Mr.Fuan Li is Party Committee Secretary and Chairm...

Ximing Niu
Chairman ,Bank of Communication
Chun Peng
President,Bank of Communication

Mr. Chun Peng, born in January 1962, joined the Ba...

Siqing Chen
President,Bank of China

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ban...

Guoli Tian
CEO,Bank of China

Chairman of the Board of Directors since May 2013....

Yu Tang
CEO,Zijin Rural Commercial Bank
Cheng Rong Yang
Chairman ,Zhuhai Rural Commercial Bank
Lirong Dai
CEO,Zhuhai Rural Commercial Bank
Rongxing Dou
Chairman ,Zhong Yuan Bank
Jiong Wang
CEO,Zhong Yuan Bank
ZhenXi Li
Chairman ,Baoshang Bank
Shixin Yao
Director of Council ,Zhejiang Province Rural Credit Cooperative Union
Xiaobo Yang
CEO,Zhejiang Mintai commercial Bank
Zi Jun Jin
Chairman ,Zhejiang Chouzhou commercial bank
Ruigu Zhou
CEO,Zhejiang Chouzhou commercial Bank
Zizhong Wang
Chairman ,Zhangjiagang Rural Commercial Bank
Ying Ji
CEO,Zhangjiagang Rural Commercial Bank
Yaoming Lyu
CEO,Xiamen International Bank
Xiaojian Wang
Chairman ,Xiamen Rural Commercial Bank
Xiaoping Ren
President,WuXi Rural Commercial Bank
Yugen Lu
Chairman ,Wu Jiang Rural Commercial Bank
Tiejun Xie
CEO,WuJiang Rural Commercial Bank
Xiaojian Xu
President,Wuhan Rural Commercial Bank
Bijin Liu
Chairman ,Wuhan Rural Commercial Bank
Wen Wu
CEO,Ganzhou Bank
Wei Zhang
Chairman ,Bank of jinzhou
Min Gu
Chairman ,We Bank
Zongtang Li
Chairman ,Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank
Weizhong Huang
CEO,Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank
Liming Jin
CEO,Tanjin Binhai Rural Commercial Bank
Feng Zhao
Chairman ,Tanjin Binhai Rural Commercial Bank
Junmin Huang
CEO,Taizhou Bank
Guangan Li
CEO,Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank
Yukun Zhang
CEO & Chairman,Shengjing Bank
Guohu Wu
CRO, Risk Managment Department,Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank
Guohu Wu
CRO, Risk Managment Department,Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank
Heng Chang Zhou
CIO,Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank
Kailian Sun
Director,Rural Credit Coopertive of ShanDong
Jianlong Zheng
Director ,Rural Credit Coopertive of Guangxi
Kexiong Lan
CEO,Quanzhou Rural Commercial Bank
Yangfa Lin
CEO,Quanzhou Bank
Xiaodong Zhao
CEO,Qishang Bank
Yunfei Shi
Chairman ,Pu Tian Rural Commercial Bank
Zonglin Yang
Chairman ,Panzhihua City Commercial Bank
Huiming Wen
CEO,Panzhihua City Commercial Bank
Weiping Qiu
CEO,NingBo Commerce Bank
Shengfa Yu
CEO,My Bank
Hua Chen
Chairman ,Liuzhou Bank
Jin Qian
Chairman ,Lin Shang Bank
Leqing Tan
CEO,Laishang Bank
Zheqing Zhang
CEO,Kunshan Rural Commercial Bank
Weiming Qin
CEO,Jiangsu Changshu Rural Commercial Bank
Hao Chen
CIO,Huishang Bank
Hongming Li
Chairman ,Huishang Bank
Hongming Li
Chairman ,Huishang Bank
Xuemin Wu
CEO,Huishang Bank
Yahhua Li
Director,Hubei Rural Credit Cooperatives
Yidi Duan
President,Hubei Bank
Dalin Chen
Chairman ,Hubei Bank
Yongsheng Liu
Chairman ,Huarong Xiangjiang Bank
Zhiwen Guo
Chairman ,Harbin Bank
Qiguang Zhang
CEO,Harbin Bank
Yongtong Zhu
President,Hankou Bank
Xinmin Chen
Chairman ,Hankou Bank
Chen Zhang
Chairman ,Hangzhou Union Bank
Zhenshan Chen
Chairman ,Hangzhou Bank
Jianbin Song
CEO,Hangzhou Bank
Wu Min
CEO,Haikou Rural Commercial Bank
Meiying Suo
Chairman ,Guiyang Rural Commercial Bank
Jianjun Yao
Chairman ,Guangzhou Bank
Kefei Wu
CEO,Guangzhou Bank
Jikang Wang
Chairman ,Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank
Xuefei Yi
CEO,Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank
Jun Luo
Chairman ,Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank
Yan Li
CEO,Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank
Yonghai Liao
CEO,Guangdong Shunde Rural Commercial Bank
Shuoping Wang
Director,Guangdong Rural Credit Union
Chunjian Han
Chairman ,Guangdong Nan Yue Bank
Fu Li
CEO,Guangdong Nan Yue Bank
Bo Hui Xia
CEO,Guangdong Hua Xing Bank
Jinghua Xie
Chairman ,Ganzhou Bank
Yongliang Zhang
Chairman ,Fuzhou Agriculture and Commerce Bank
Ping Shu
President,Fujian Straits Bank
Suhua Su
Chairman ,Fujian Straits Bank
Shu Xia
Chairman ,Fudian Bank
Chunhui Li
CEO,Fudian Bank
Qi Li
CEO,DeYang Bank
Guobin Wang
Chairman ,Da Lian Rural commercial Bank
Xinzhu Zhang
CEO,Da Lian Rural commercial Bank
Shilu Ding
President,Chongqing Three Gorges Bank
Haiyang Tong
Chairman ,Chongqing Three Gorges Bank
Jianzhong Liu
Chairman ,Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank
Wen Hui Xie
CEO,Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank
Ping Chen
Chairman ,Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank
Jun Li
CEO,Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank
Xiang Yang Fang
Chairman ,Bank Of Lanzhou
Jinshan Wang
Chairman ,Beijing Rural Commercial Bank
Jianhua Zhang
CEO,Beijing Rural Commercial Bank
Erh Cheng Hwa
Chief Economist,Baoshang Bank
Hiping Wang
CEO,Baoshang Bank
Tianyu Wang
Chairman ,Bank of Zhengzhou
Xue Qing Shen
CEO,Bank of Zhengzhou
Kun Qiu
CEO,Bank of Yinzhou
Qingshan Liu
Chairman ,Bank of Yingkou
Xuedong Shi
CEO,Bank of Yantai
Shiqun Wu
Chairman ,Bank Of Xiamen


Zhumin Hong
CEO,Bank Of Xiamen


Zengfu Xing
CEO,Bank of Wenzhou
Hua Wu
CEO,Bank of Wenzhou
Changzheng Jin
CIO,Bank of Tianjin
Yanhua Wen
CEO,Bank of Tianjin
Ting Xu
CEO,Bank of Suzhou
Lanfeng Wang
Chairman ,Bank of Suzhou
Huang Tao
CRO, Risk Managment Department,Bank Of Shanghai
Debin Hu
CIO,Bank Of Shanghai


Yi Jin
Chairman ,Bank Of Shanghai
Hongmin Shi
CFO,Bank Of Shanghai
Youlian Hu
CEO,Bank Of Shanghai
Sen Wang
Chairman ,Bank Of Rizhao
Ming Yan
CEO,Bank Of Rizhao
Shaoquan Guo
Chairman ,Bank of Qingdao
Wang Lin
CEO,Bank of Qingdao
Yuehong Dao
Chairman ,Bank of Ningxia
Qihong Zhao
CEO,Bank of Ningxia
Huayu Lu
Chairman ,Bank of Ningbo
Mengbo Luo
CEO,Bank of Ningbo
Shengrong Hu
CEO,Bank of Nanjing
Jianfu Wang
Chairman ,Bank Of Luoyang
Junliang Zhang
CEO,Bank Of Lanzhou
Xianting Liu
Chairman ,Bank Of Jiujiang
Pan Ming
CEO,Bank Of Jiujiang
Li Yinxi
CEO,Bank of Jining
Yaqing Xu
Chairman ,Bank of Jinhua
Baoxiang Zhang
Chairman ,Bank of Jilin
Zhuang Gao
CEO,Bank of Jilin
Xiaoming Chen
Chairman ,Bank of Jiangxi
Hongtao Wu
CEO,Bank of Jiangxi
Hongtao Wu
CEO,Bank of Jiangxi
Ping Xia
Chairman ,Bank of Jiangsu
Ming Ji
CEO,Bank of Jiangsu
Ya Li
Chairman ,Bank of inner mongolia
Aibing Jia
CEO,Bank of inner mongolia
Guangheng Ji
Chairman ,Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank

Guangheng Ji , male, was born in September 1968, a...

Li Xu
CEO,Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank

Li Xu, male, was born in Dec. 1967, a full-time gr...

Jianguo Ying
CEO,Bank of HuZhou
Zhiqiang Qiao
Chairman ,Bank of Hebei
Haojun Yao
CEO,Bank of Hebei
Kexing Zhang
CEO,Bank of Handan
Ruiyan Xiao
Chairman ,Bank of GuiZhou
Lin Sheng Xia
Chairman ,Bank of Jiaxing
Zongquan Chen Zongquan Chen
Chairman ,Bank of Guiyang
Zhongxiang Li
CEO,Bank of Guiyang
Zhicai Yu
CEO,Bank Of Guilin
Xin Li
Chairman ,Bank of Gansu
Guofeng Lu
Chairman ,Bank of Dongguan
Hua Li
Chairman ,Bank of Datong
Qingzhou Meng
CEO,Bank of Datong
Zhanwei Chen
Chairman ,Bank of Dalian
Hailing Ran
President,Bank of Chongqing

Born in May 1963, with master degree and an econom...

Weimin Gan
Chairman ,Bank of Chongqing

Born in 1967, with master degree, and an economist...

Jie Li
Chairman ,Bank of Chengdu
Hui Wang
CEO,Bank of Chengdu
Yuguo Zhu
Chairman ,Bank of Changsha
Xiao Zhong Zhao
CEO,Bank of Changsha
Zeping Liu
CEO,Bank Of Cangzhou
Jun Feng Nie
General Manager,Bank of Beijing
Dongning Zhang
CEO,Bank of Beijing
Bing Zhu Yan
Chairman ,Bank of Beijing
Fuhua Yuan
Chairman ,Bank of Tianjin
Changming Zhou
Chairman ,Anhui Qingyang Rural Commercial Bank
Zhengqiu Dai
CEO,Anhui Qingyang Rural Commercial Bank
Shumin Zhu
Chairman ,Agricultural Development Bank of China
Xuezhi Xie
Chairman ,Agricultural Development Bank of China
Huan Zhao
President,Agricultural Bank of China

Engineering from Xi’an Jiaotong University and h...

Shiyu Liu
Former Chairman, Executive Director,Agricultural Bank of China
Mr. Ross McEwan
Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director,National Australia Bank

Ross McEwan serves as Group Chief Executive Office...

Peter King
Managing Director and CEO,Westpac Group

Peter King serves as Managing Director and Chief E...

Yasushi Itagaki
President Director,Bank Danamon

Yasushi Itagaki is the president director at Bank ...

Bill Winters
Group Chief Executive Officer,Standard Chartered Bank

Bill Winters was appointed to the Board of Standar...

Ichiro Hamakawa
President and CEO,JCB International

Ichiro Hamakawa currently serves as the President ...

Kaicho Sato
Chairman ,Mizuho Financial Group

Kaicho Sato is the Chaiman, Member of the Board of...

Yi Huiman
Vice Chairman, Executive Director, President,Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Mr. Yi has served as Vice Chairman and Executive ...

Akinwumi Adesina
President,African Development Bank

Akinwumi Adesina is currently minister of agricult...

Minh Toan Do
CEO,Asia Commercial Bank

Minh Toan Do is currently CEO at Asia Commercial B...

Dato' Khairussaleh Ramli
Managing Director and CEO,RHB Bank

Dato' Khairussaleh Ramli is the Chief Executive Of...

Shir Dinesh Kumar Khara
Chairman ,State Bank of India

Mr. Dinesh Kumar Khara is the Chairman of State Ba...

Samir Assaf

Samir Assaf currently serves as CEO of Global Bank...

Ampon Kittiampon
Chairman ,Bank of Thailand

Ampon Kittiampon is currently chairman of Bank of ...

Murali Subramanian

Subramanian joined FIMBank since August 2015. Subr...

Mr. Matt Comyn
Managing Director and CEO,Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Matt Comyn serves as the Chief Executive Officer a...

Yvonne Chia
CEO,Shell Refining Company

Yvonne China is currently the managing director an...

Mr. Marnie Barker
Managing Director,Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Marnie Barker serves as the Managing Director of B...

Mr. Stuart Grimshaw
Executive Chairman,EZCORP

Stuart Grimshaw joined Bank of Queensland on Novem...

Mr. Zulkiflee Abbas bin Abdul Hamid
Independent Non-Executive Director,Malayan Banking Berhad
Shyam Srinivasan
Managing Director and CEO,Federal Bank

Shyam Srinivasan joined Federal Bank on 23rd Septe...

Mr. Noel Quinn
Group Chief Executive ,HSBC

Noel Quinn was appointed Group Chief Executive in ...

Philip Chronican
Non-Executive Director and Chair,National Australia Bank

Philip Chronican serves Chair of the Board and Ch...

Mark Tucker
Group Chairman,HSBC

Mark Tucker was appointed as Chairman since 2017....

Ala’a Eraiqat
CEO,Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

Ala’a Eraiqat currently holds the position ...

Zhang Jianguo
Vice Chairman, Executive Director, President,China Construction Bank

Zhang Jianguo currently serves as vice chairman, e...

Shayne Elliott

Shayne Elliot is the CEO of ANZ Group since 2016. ...

José Viñals
Group Chairman,Standard Chartered Bank

José Viñals is currently appointed as Chairman ...

Mr. Lázaro Campos

First joining SWIFT in 1987, Lázaro Campos ...

Ma Weihua
CEO and President,China Merchants Bank

Ma Weihua has been the President of China Merchan...

Mr. Chartsiri Sophonpanich
President,Bangkok Bank

Sophonpanich returned to Thailand and joined Bangk...

Mr. Koichi Miyata
President,Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC)

Koichi Miyata is Chairman for Sumitomo Mitsui Bank...

Mr. Royke Tumilaar
President Director,Bank Negara Indonesia

Royke Tumilaar is the President Director of Bank N...

Mr. Ee Cheong Wee
Deputy Chairman & CEO,UOB Group

Wee joined UOB in 1979 and has been an executive d...

Mr. Sandeep Bakhshi
Managing Director and CEO,ICICI Bank

Mr. Sandeep Bakhshi is the Managing Director and C...

David Li
Chairman and Chief Executive,Bank of East Asia

Li heads Hong Kong’s home-grown Bank of East...

Mr. Shemara Wikramanayake
Managing Director and CEO,Macquarie Group

Shemara Wikramanayake has been Macquarie Group&rsq...

Mr. Thomas T.L. Wu
Chairman ,Taishin Financial Holdings and Taishin Bank

Wu is the founder and chairman of Taishin Financia...

Dimantha Seneviratne
Group Chief Executive Officer,National Development Bank PLC (NDB)

Dimantha Seneviratne is the Group Chief Executive ...

Piyush Gupta
CEO and Director,DBS Bank

Gupta is the CEO and director of DBS Group Holding...

Mashrur Arefin
Managing Director and CEO,The City Bank

Mashrur Arefin is the Managing Director and CEO of...